Living in Clayton, Manchester
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Well, I’ve lived in Clayton for quite a few years and started to realise how many Chavs have invaded. 14-21 years old Chavs are causing havoc on the streets of Clayton, and getting every 14-year-old Chavette( female Chav) pregnant!! it seems these little immature girls with hickeys on their necks think that being pregnant is fashionable… where did they get this information from, Planet Dumb Bitch?!?! they can barely afford to look after themselves, least of all arguably for the large part an unwanted baby who obviously becomes a toddler, Mother is then heard calling he or she a little bastard, hardly the epitome of intelligence don’t you think! and so is it any wonder that the toddler grows up to be a thug who terrorises the neighbourhood and the cycle continues.  

They all live in Council Houses, with their parents on the dole and end up being kicked out because they’re pregnant to someone they don’t know! this means they end up being supported even more by the Government while living in a Hostel for pregnant girls who have nowhere else to go.  This place is generally situated in the main hang out of the s**gs!, the Chavettes dress code consists of wearing very poorly made illegal designer copies, cheap market clothes with old worn out Rockport boots, huge fake gold earrings and so many rings on their hands you can hardly see skin, the mark of bad taste, and they actually think they look good, the mind really does boggle.  The Chavs on the other hand (male variety) consists of wearing fake Nike TN trainers, hats and Lacoste tracksuits.  These “HARD” lads(clearly impressionable young mugs chosen to take the fall for King Dick at the top of the drug chain should the Police intercept) do all the running around on stolen mountain bikes for the Boss’s in Clayton, they carry these drugs in small man bags for easy transportation, these also help if it’s necessary to dump the drugs, however this is something that the Chav/Scrote involved are very reluctant to do as this could mean having their kneecaps blown off, owing debt to the supplier for life or worse, death.  

Many people seem to know C.M.D in Clayton, this is a group of lads who go to the local Boxing Club on North Road and because of their affiliation with gang members they seem to think that being “RESPECTED”! is an automatic right, but not only do these lads do very little work-wise, they cannot fight without weapons, they resort to cowardly acts like stamping on people’s head’s and stabbing, so why do they waste their time trying to box?.  Another group of lads who tried to make a name for themselves is “X SECURITY” but not only are these a bunch of wimps they are extremely lazy!, a typical week for the Chavs, Chavettes and their Chavling’s is a trip on Monday mornings to Clayton Post Office, situated at 627 Ashton New Road, where they queue from eight just to collect their benefits.  Then they take a trip to the City Centre markets where they buy their rip off of designer rubbish, then they go shoplifting in Primark, then come home and go to Asda for their weekly shop of lambrini which they then save for Friday night to get absolutely paralytic, start smashing bottles, bleating out obscenities in the street at night, vomiting, generally being anti-social and sleeping with other Chavs, and by the hand of Satan more Chavlings are created!.  

Seems amazing that they risked building the Etihad Stadium so close to Clayton and Beswick for that matter, so have fun visiting, I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the action, who needs soaps when you have this s**t?

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