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Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East London, London

Come to East Ham and get a true lovely welcome! A spit to the face and death stares following you down the street await. Dare to look into an East Ham chav’s eyes and you’ll be “skanked” by another one cycling behind you with a baseball bat down his pants and a three year old toddler in tow, hanging on to his father’s shoulders. Then the toddler’s grandson comes along… And that’s the best hospitality that the town has to offer.

Travel south towards the border with Beckton, a town that smells of sewage, (as well as the obligatory dog poo and human faeces) and you will be plunged into an abyss of chavviness. A local shop sells a variety of products suited to the East Ham chav such as cigarettes, alcohol, weed and more cigarettes, alcohol and weed. A pair of ladies linger around the streets reeking of cheap beer and something that belongs in a cess pit call an ambulance to tend to their ailments while smoke comes pouring out of a home that’s occupied by half the population of Yorkshire (as well as a pack of wild animals AKA only known as “the yungas”. At least East Ham isn’t ugly… It’s hideous. But it couldn’t be worse when Manor Park, Barking, Beckton and Upton Park surround it. Oh, how could I forget Dagenham, the refuse pit of London. How silly of me. How silly indeed.

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  • Joan Hammond

    Can’t say I’ve ever detected a whiff of sewerage in Beckton, but you’re right about East Ham/Manor Park. I now avoid East Ham totally as its so filthy and unsafe, and what’s even worse, the council just sit on their palatial egos inDocklands and acknowledge these areas for two reasons – votes and council tax income!

  • gilly

    I honestly don’t know how you can try and class Beckton with east Ham! for a start east ham is a 20 min bus ride from Beckton, and I live in Beckton, and I have never had a smell of sewage wafting around beckton and Ive been here for three years! think you maybe living back in the day when Beckton was first built and that was a long time ago perhaps you added in Beckton and Upton park because you couldn’t think of anything more to say about East Ham, well to be honest I like East Ham can’t say Ive ever faced any trouble and I shop there all the time its not that bad! if you hate the place that much why stay there? East Ham has a great park its like anywhere you have your positives and you have your negatives its how you alone perceive and act towards other people as to how they will act towards you! at least the areas are spotlessly clean, you try going to other parts of the country not just London and tell me that there isn’t worse places to live! keep Beckton out of your negativity as Beckton is a fabulous quiet place to live and nothing like what you are making it out to be!