Brighton, London Rd, thieving, drunken, drug-addicted central is where I work

Brighton, London Road

London Road, thieving, drunken, drug-addicted **** central is where I work, in one of the shops.

We get more **** **** in the shop than we do ordinary customers, and it’s always the same story. They come in to steal alcohol, meat and some non-food items. The booze they nick to drink and the other stuff they nick to sell to raise the money to buy their skag or crack, whichever’s their poison, the filthy, rat-faced swine!!!

In my five years of working at this shop, I’ve had to endure a constant stream of verbal abuse, usually complaining that some brand or other of booze isn’t on the shelf or for kicking out the kids that come in to nick the booze ’cause they know we won’t serve the little *****. I’ve even been assaulted outside while smoking by four of the drunken ***** for refusing to share my cigarettes with them. They didn’t have the balls to fight me one-on-one because I’d have ****** them, or face me sober. Even though there were four of them, they still needed dutch courage to have a pop, the pathetic wimps.

How grim is your Postcode?

As for London Road, I’d avoid it like the plague if I were you. The ***** have taken over and turned the place into a warzone. If you happen to drive down this road, do the world a favour and don’t stop at the traffic lights. Just step harder on the gas and mow them down (a mercedes is very good for this purpose, as the badge improves your aim, and the weight of these cars should make a pleasing bloody mess of the ********).