Birch Vale, a quiet rural village nestled in the heart of the peak district?

Living in Birch Vale, Derbyshire

Step into Birch Vale, a quiet and Rural village nestled in the heart of the peak district. A quiet stroll from the subtle town of New Mills to the quiet village of hayfield across the ‘Sett Valley Trail’ may allow you to walk through the town without even acknowledging it’s existence, but if you walk or drive by another route, you will soon find yourself engulfed by the dark and eery cloud that has settled itself within its borders.

The Town is neatly situated for drug traffic between the two towns ‘New Mills’ and ‘Hayfield’ and officers are known to be allegedly well rewarded for maintaining a lack of police presence in the area. Aside from the houses, that have been recently sold after a raid in 1998, after a mass eviction from the town, where he owned 56 of the properties which housed his Friends and family. The main money coming into the area at present is to the 2 pig farms situated at either end of the village, owned by 2 men operating is Manchester Drugs rings. Disposing of bodies became a problem in Manchester and with little countryside, they had to expand to the country for certain necessaties. ‘The Sycamore’ also serves as Hub for exclusive parties and the alleged laundering of money, and is a shining light for the town amongst ultimate darkness.

Another Interesting feature of the town remains in the Illegal Designer clothing distributor within the area, It allows New Mills and hayfield their first choice in ‘Top Gear’ to wear and pollute our quiet rural towns with ‘Scallies’ and ‘*****’.

How grim is your Postcode?

When I lived in the town, I was first overcome by the beauty of the place, and delighted by the weird feel of the place that eventually destroyed me. This isn’t the kind of place where you can ask your next door neighbour for a cup of sugar….      It would be much more likely for someone to knock on your house and ask if you wanna swap a spliff for a line…