Port Talbot – The steel works literally stinks of human waste

Living in Port Talbot, Wales

When you’re driving down the M4, you will smell Port Talbot before you see it. The steel works literally stinks of human **** and will have everyone you’re traveling with in the car, blaming each other for farting.

Different areas of port Talbot seem to be inhabited by a majority of similar individuals. For example, Taibach and Margam has lately had a epidemic of burglaries. This is probably due to ****** users who decided “just one more bag” whilst scratching their opiate itchy skin into ******* ribbons.

Up Goytre, you’ll lose phone reception almost instantaneously which in the night can be somewhat nerve racking and macabre considering it’s like something from the hills have eyes (generations of interbreeding and you can’t even run to a shop if your in trouble… because there isn’t one). Tucked neatly away 0.7 miles up the road from Taibach, they don’t tend to venture down much because they are too busy f*cking their own cousins.

How grim is your Postcode?

Sandfields estate, home of sofas on tick, teenage pregnancy and msj’s, you’d think being a seaside resort it would add a touch of class, but it’s hard to when the water is so f*cking filthy, you can’t even see your ankles.

Fairfield is pretty much a picture by picture view of the Chatsworth estate on the TV program shameless. Stay away from white city because the toddlers will even Rob the fillings from you gob to weigh in.

If you’re posh you maybe lucky enough to live in Baglan, but then again that’s just all one big up and down hill.

Cwmavon, in the land of the moving curtains, nothing ever goes amiss. Your gran could piss the bed and every **** is talking about it the next day. A tight night community in the south of Wales where everyone knows everyone’s business, rife with casual racism and the drug spice is on the rise…