Living in Wisbech
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Known locally as Wizzybekhistan, Wisbech ash truly earned it’s epithet. Not a nice place. There are pockets of great wealth here, formed mainly through agriculture, but with wealth in this area comes a paucity of taste. It’s the Chav capital of Cambridgeshire, looked up to by Chavs everywhere as the agricultural heartland of excessive poor taste.

Crime and drug dealing head the litany of its reputation, not improved by the propensity of gang-masters providing casual unchecked labour. This is not a place where young girls may safely venture out at night, and the middle classes avoid it altogether (not that there is anything in Wisbech to attract anyone outside the comfort and safety of home).

If you are thinking of moving here, think again. Avoid Peterborough also. The nearest decent town is King’s Lynn, even though it’s got a big Primark.

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