Thetford is very, very scary

Living in Thetford, Norfolk

probably the only place in norfolk other than kings lynn, norwich and yarmouth where ***** were born

well where do i start, i’ve lived here all my life and i’ve gotta honestly say……thetford isn’t too bad as long as you know your roots and you know where 2 go at what time. if you would like to be randomly assaulted by teenage ***** in the middle of the night then go to the abbey farm area, the pine close district or the St johns massive. or even if you wanna get given an eye full when just going to town in the late morn/afternoon, you can see many ***** drinking wife-beater and sitting outside woolies or even the 12 year olds who love to play the slot machines in USA chicken and Mr chips.

but if you would like a different scenery, take a jmp on the T1 bus to lincoln way in abbey farm, where you can really see many different fighting activities between portugasse, lithuanas (sp?) and the thetford possey. if you are lucky you would more than likely see blue sirens blaring out at 1 in the morning because someone has got stabbed over ”looking” at the other agender. so check point areas : stay away from chaville ; abbey farm, St johns, pine close and even ladies estate can become a world war 2 ground even though i have a few friends living there.

How grim is your Postcode?

the recommended areas of thetford are the willows, cloverfields and nunnery drive, virtually everywhere else is roaming with capper ******* 17 year olds looking for fights down castle park every friday or saturday night. one time i could remember some ***** started on me and my friends about 2002, i looked at hime and he goes ”yeh u wanna stop looking at me?”……..and i was just like *sigh* ****!! anyway if you would like to be avoided by being blatently murdered by the McChav’s of thetford, then i would suggest to hire a few bodyguards even though it would stop them and there 300 cousins and brothers.

if you would like to purchase food and drink without the harm of seeing *****, go to the big tescos as ***** fear to go over onto the cloverfields estate for the reason that people over there are to friendly and afraid that they will give them a big hug so they will run with there 4 year old in the pram. but otherwise if you looking for a good friday night brawl, go to the rose and crown, the greene dragon, the red lion (owned by portugasse now) or USA chicken where the ***** often like to live up to there expectations and buy the chicken fillet burger to satisfy there needs after downing 4 cans of stella, i mean wife beater.

but if many of you followers who are reading this, the industrial estate is idea place to go if you are looking to purchase many hard substance drugs such as speed, ketamine, coke and even if you score lucky you can get abit of skag for the likes of the bald headed, non-straight line walkers.

so in conclusion if you would like a quiet drink, go to the albion, the ark, or the dolphin, if otherwise then you know where to go, all of the above lol. best place for non-**** commercialised food would be the taste of china on white heart street, but avoid going a few 100 metres up the road on weekend, as you will see many ********* having slapping fights and calling each other ”schalgs” outside Star o.k kebab, warning, they must refuel on the way home so they normally go to the kings head or the chase pub(even though they do a good steak and chips)8==D

so don’t say i didn’t warn you, thetford is very very scary. thank you.