Living in Langley Park, County Durham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Durham

Langley Park is the village where the Co-op is considered ‘well posh,’ and where the hangout of choice for the local youth is behind the Spar, yes really, that’s their best choice. And by best choice, I mean the best place for them to ‘discreetly’ wait for somebody stupid enough to ‘gan in the shop’ for them. Now, the Spar is the next best place in Langley Park, an establishment so fancy, when it rains they put cardboard outside to soak it up, I mean, who can really afford a door mat?

The trail of scratchcards that lead from the spar, like a more depressing version of Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs, serve as a not-so-gentle reminder of just how skint everyone round here is, not so much the cards themselves, but the swarms of people checking them.

The boy racers speeding down the main road to show how cool they are, while the local piss-heads are staggering out the pubs really help the place seem like is has a ‘night life,’ and by that I mean, late-ish afternoon life…

There are more pubs than things for kids, and more places to get a takeaway than pubs, and more empty own brand vodka bottles discarded in the grass at the park than all that combined.

You still wouldn’t choose to move from here though, the next nearest place is Sacriston, and that place makes even here look like paradise.

  • Frizbit

    Go to Sherburn road mate, you will have a field day, lots of peolpe for you to look down upon, chavs aplenty, dereliction and depression. Plenty of material for your badly written trenchant little debasement pieces, that’s if you get out alive.

  • Chelsee

    Who ever probably wrote this lives in an even bigger s**t whole calling my family’s business scruffy and poor I don’t meant to be rude but I’m far from poor 😂😂 so u failed trying to slag off my village it may have its bad parts and people but so does every where so why don’t you get your fat lazy arse of your laptop and stop writing sh*t