Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Greater Manchester, North West, United Kingdom

Radcliffe is a small village in North Manchester and is quickly turning into a ghetto all it needs is some tower blocks and it would look like the rest of Manchester. If you came here you would think its a nice posh place to relax and chill but as you go deeper into the town to the council estates and the poorer bits you realise how much of a s******e this place is!

The main reason I think its turning bad is because Salford has become such a bad place people move away to a place they think is a ‘nice area’ which Radcliffe’s rep has been for years now and all these people start doing crimes here and a bunch of s**t basically Radcliffe is turning into Salford I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up worse. I aint just gonna slag it off it is a beautiful place in some parts but in the poorer ‘working class’ part its just your average manc ghetto slum. More dealers / shoplifters / gangstas coming in day by day its madness. It doesn’t affect me really because I grew up in Salford so I know what its like to live in a ‘deprived’ area!

I aint gonna show my self up and say I’m from the ‘hood’ that’s just straight up goonish. Most kids are skippin school and are out on there ‘graft’ which is basically slang for stealing / drug dealing you know stuff like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started eventually because everyone needs money at some point. The kids just stare at you and if you even try to speak to them they say ” where are u from ” and pull out a knife or some sort of weapon!

Well…..that was abit over exaggerated not every kid but the ‘hoodlum’ kids anyway the ones that want a rep and s**t. I do believe this is one of the worst places or….will eventually become one of the worst places in Manchester don’t know about the whole of the UK I’ve seen some baddd places. *DON’T* say its not unless you live in the more deprived places of Radcliffe and not a 4bedroom house because all the snobby posh peeps know nuttin unless their street wise which *most* are not! If you think its nice, I beg you to spend a night in one of the poorer parts of Radcliffe and see if you have the same opinion. I am *NOT* slagging of Raddyyy at all I’m just saying it is really bad at times. Thanks for your time! Peace outtttt!

  • Dawn Singleton

    This is one of the most laid back parts of Manchester I have lived in. In fact you could fool yourself into believing you was in a viral village because nothing is open after 8pm, making it a pain if you run out of milk and you have to bother jumping in your car to get to some. After this time the normally quiet streets are completely deserted and one could walk two or three miles without bumping into a single person.

    The village mentality of the locals here, is as one would expect on the outskirts of Manchester. Either people here just sit watching Coronation Street and believe that is the real Manchester and copy this fictional behaver, or they join in at local communities such as the knit and natter club on Thursdays at the local library and enjoy a cup of tea with each other.

    On the best part the council estates are of better quality than some of the others in Manchester, streets are maintained and kept clean, grass verges cut often . Residents here seem to be on the best part hard working families and not the 4 x 4 (mum with four kids to separate dads) single parent families often found on other council estates.

    The reviewer of this area certainly has a different opinion than mine, maybe with myself not being involved in the gang culture they talk about, I am not aware of these social problems here. So I suggest to just keep clear of anything that would lead into this unseen side of Radcliffe and enjoy the Knit and Natter group or any of the other activities in area.

  • PlainWhiteSte

    Another judgemental post. Proclaiming people as being uneducated when they are in fact uneducated themselves as who is this poster to know whether someone know’s more or less about Radcliffe based on which house they currently reside in?
    Come out of your small minded mentality OP and realise Radcliffe is a pleasant place in this big picture we call Earth. Earth is just a picture located in a museum (Universe)
    Sure it isn’t the best picture in the gallery but again this is matter of opinion.
    Some think Mona Lisa is ugly.
    People living in parts of Nepal right now would think Radcliffe was paradise.