Derby seems to be a ticking time bomb

Living in Derby

Derby seems to be a ticking time bomb. In comparison to neighbouring Nottingham, our ****
problem seems a lesser situation. However a new phenomenon seems to be occurring. The usual process of sub-urbanisation happens when young families and professionals migrate from the inner city for a more relaxed life etc. However in Derby it is the **** which is seeping through into the sleepy suburbs.

I have lived in the suburb of Derby known as Littleover all my life and I have seen these changes. The **** (more often the **** of an ethnic minority) is claiming the houses amongst the good and
respectable people of Derby. The main problem is that it only takes one **** family to cause disruption on a large scale.

I was unfortunate enough to have a family of them living opposite us and my were they ****. Now I’m not a grumpy old man and I do love my music (which includes bands such as cradle of filth and lacuna coil but I’m not a Goth) both heavy and loud but when you got hip hop blasting out from **** speakers with all there windows open it does send you mad. They annoyed everyone on the
street and just generally made f*cktards of themselves. Now if have a message to any ***** that may reply to this. Firstly learn to spell with correct grammar. Learn the differences between the three types of there, their and they’re.

How grim is your Postcode?