Barnsley, visit the place which inspired the film Deliverance

Barnsley, Property guide and review

How to begin? Firstly I am born and raised in Barnsley, a large portion of my post isn’t aimed at a large majority of the population which impressively has a large work ethic and standards.
Once a mighty industrial, agricultural and coal mining town, this has rapidly descended into a venomous weeping hole of utter stupidity, filth and degradation.

With a population of over 229,000, a portion of this population were born and bred into a cloak of inequity, their parents raising them to **** the state and the Welfare Bill for every ounce they can possibly get.

Thurnscoe, Goldthorpe, Bolton Upon Dearne, Wombwell, Elsecar, Athersley North and South, New Lodge, Kendray and Lundwood serve only as parasitic satellites that orbit the main hole of oblivion Barnsley, where vast portions of the people in these areas having never worked a minutes worth of honest work in their lives and truly believe they are owed everything on the face of this planet.
Generic teenage mothers are as common to the locals as seeing a loaf of bread. These teenage mothers who seem to multiply their offspring with immense speed and agility, using their children as vehicles to obtain free council housing and further benefit payment. Majority of these offspring will belong to different fathers within a short space of years between them. They will in turn grow into adolescence as absolute ******** as the stereotype would dictate.

How grim is your Postcode?

Moving onto the massive under reported drug endemic that is sweeping this mighty proud ex industrial powerhouse, there appears to be more drug dealers per square inch than muck.

How is it that a person can get an ounce of cocaine and Mcat, with a £20 bag of cannabis, a bag full of ecstasy and methamphetamines within 20 minutes whilst our healthcare in the town makes you wait weeks to be seen with severe ailments, such as death.

The area is very child friendly, why not take your children to a local park or any given woodland to play? They can play with the countless used syringes and condoms in lieu of toys.

Another aspect of street life in this complete hovel is the rising trend of violence, frequently along Wellington Streets unending vend of Kebab shops, ‘Chip ‘oyles’, nightclubs and pubs. The lane where “looking at someone funny” will result in brig stabbed in the face with a broken pint pot, or brayed into next week with a pool stick. A land where clubland consuming vacuous vessels come in their hoards to pillage every cheap vodka based consumable drink within a 5 mile radius. The street after 2am is knee deep in decimated 14 year old girls, vomit and chips.

The “nice, wealthy” parts of Barnsley mainly comprise of hamlets and picturesque “Emmerdale” villages, where the overpowering atmosphere of Zebophobia and surface wealth is nauseating to the point of actual vomiting.
The cliche of curtain twitching shower of ***** exist in these areas, clawing at the window netting like velociraptors on amphetamines to steal a glance at what the neighbours have bought from Waitrose or at people they “haven’t seen down the local conservative members club”.

If you really want a slice of the action up North, why not visit the place which inspired the film Deliverance, where reward for idleness is natural and genetically drafted into each generation of Giro Technician vapid self wallowing whales and Apes that make up the segment known as the **** population.

Sleeping with family members is accepted and pregnancy AFTER 15 years of age is frowned upon here in this hidden gem of Yorkshire, however if your looking for guaranteed sexual molestation, guerilla warfare whilst nipping out for a pint of milk or potential drug addiction from the water supply, then visit BARNSLEEEY. You shan’t be disappointed.