Thamesmead, one of the hottest up-and-coming charvo towns ever

This has to be one of the hottest up-and-coming charvo- towns ever.

It has everything. City planning designed for illegal motorbike riding, its very own Argos, KFC and McDiddles ‘restaurants’, a Ceaucescu-style estate, Wilkinsons, a canal to throw shopping trollies in, and rivalry with nearby loser hotspot Plumstead/Woolwich ****.

The local councils have dumped thousands of rejected semi-humans there, and a load of moaning old people, p*keys, white van drivers, and even provided a pub (The Princess Alice) for them to get thrown out of. There’s a wide walkway along the river, for easy access by stolen scooter to all parts of Thamesmead, and it’s far enough away from any places of employment to avoid anyone having to work. I have a neighbour who claims he doesn’t work because he doesn’t have a driving license- and he’s a builder!

There is a large number of immigrants there, so that provides an easy target for hate crimes and random charvy thuggery. it also provides a visible scapegoat for the c***s to pin all the world’s problems on. Obviously these immigrants recognise the dossers for the worthless loser leeches they are, and will have nothing to do with them- except to retaliate once in a whilE to c**v provocations and show them what violence really means. C***s seem to think that walking around like a drunk rapper will intimidate someone who’s seen massacres in Rwanda, and that person will not make them cry in public with a couple of punches to the neck. WRONG!

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