South Shields, what a stinking sh*t-hole it is!

And what a stinkin s**t-hole it is!

Take your pick from any area, theres a gang of tracksuit clad shitbags waiting in the flanks, ready to cause the decent townsfolk no end of misery.

Thusrday Night is Charver night and what a night it is! Two “Poliss” vans either end of Ocean Road waiting for it all to kick off after the “Criterion” ghgfhjnfxgngvshuts. Cries of “Why you lockin me up for I aint done owt me!” echo the streets as the boys in blue get another tracky clad t****r in the van. Students being done over cause they dont conform to these skip **** fashion standards.

South Shields was a resort once. Now there is only a sh*tty fair and a few arcades. All the Hotels are now doss houses for these Burberry ********. The only “Hotel” left is the Bede Wing at the local Hospital. Any decent area has a sprawling council estate backing on to it. The council estate population cause no end of s**t to the decent people. Its a vicious circle.

But having said that. Every town is the same in this country and there is nowt the decent folk can do. These s**t smellin, tracksuit wearin f*ckholes are intent on ruining peoples lives with their bitterness and hatred.

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