Rugeley is the town equivalent of Ryanair

Living in Rugeley

Ah Rugeley where do I start, I have lived here all my life and it never fails to make me want to jump in front of a speeding truck. The people in Rugeley can be friendly at times but the old people look at teenagers like myself like we are best mates with O.J Simpson, they give us evil death stares for walking into Subway and even WHSmiths and Tesco’s, where they look at us like we are planning mass gang up.

There local young population are bad or worse, they regularly hang about in the town centre doing cocaine listening to their ‘sick beats bro’ which sound like a live ******** in a Syrian prison, although theres are some generally good young people in this town who go on these occasions the thick majority are absolute as they say in Essex ‘absolute f****** mugs’ who have nothing but ‘fat zoots’ in the adidas jacket, and their intention to hold up the local kebab shop with a knife they have nicked from Tesco’s.

The worst thing about the population of Rugeley and the whole of the place in general is the hateful and rat ******** Rugeley market, where you see depression and misery on show, all thanks to that horrible women who somehow ruled this country for nine years (Mrs Thatcher). Inside resembles a Chernobyl tribute enactment museum, where people of sixty years of age look like they have seen as a ghost, with no hope and dreams left in them (thanks to the milk snatcher). It has mouldy old fruit, dog toys and the odd sweet seller whose products look like they’re from 1993.

How grim is your Postcode?

Anyway, Rugeley is the town equivalent of Ryanair. As they say in this town, “it’s f****** w*** son, do you want to go for a burn?”

My final rating -20156/10. To the RAF, come to this place and give it a makeover with your F-16 Fighter Jets dropping presents on the local charity shops.