Living in or moving to Otley, Yorkshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

The town that is well known as grotley otley. It is pituresque, with cobbled roads and a beautiful riverside… are you wondering what’s so bad about it? It’s quite plain and simple, simple being the operative word in this, THE PEOPLE! I’m now under the conclusion that the people in this town were once experimented on, that is the only excuse for a full town of absolute imbeciles. Not to worry if you are normal and live here, you can easily fit in… they sell mkat very cheap.

A lot of people have written in about the most chavtastic town, they clearly haven’t been to this one. Chavs isn’t the start of the issues here, although they are in abundance. It’s the slags the sluts the town alcoholica, easily spotted by their red faces and the fact they can’t walk in a straight line. The inbreeding, WOW, I always thought that was a bit of a joke, until I realised a man and wife were in fact step brother and sister and had been brought up together!

Are you wondering if I can write more? Of course I can, there are a few ” big ” families in this town that basically think they run the world, failing to realise its their own little world and nothing else. For the otley people that read this …. T and R and B that is all there is to say. What they need to realise is they are not big fish in a little pond, they are goldfish in a shot glass.

I’m sure in every town they always have that one village type idiot right? It’s amazing that in this case it’s actually a woman, well because she takes that many drugs let just called her the town gurner!

So to round this up, in this town we have trouble makers, idiots, chavs, drug dealers, sluts galore, and of course the speciality the whole town is full of racist f*****g imbeciles.

welcome to otley

  • Gino Giovanni Feliciello

    Every area has it’s own set of problems, historically, inbreedung took place everywhere after the mass de-populations caused by wars, plagues, famine etc, The place does have a bit of a bad rep, especially in Leeds, yet folk, still move out here, my last address was Little London and prior to that Seacroft. My only issue with the place is it’s lack of decent amenities and that everything out here seems to be geared towards the wealthy, whilst the poorly off are simply left to rot and be stigmatised on the housing estates.

  • Sven Wilsonssen

    Any chance of a spelling/grammar/coherence test before you’re allowed to write anything more?