Orpington has been growing in recent years to be one of the most chavy areas imaginable.

Living in Orpington

Orpington has been growing in recent years to be one of the most chavy areas imaginable. God knows where they all come from! Being ****** and all i’d rather not think about it. The high street is a haven for this, maccy d’s, wetherspoons and cheap stella from the local spar or Jet garage…

The place to be in Orpington is outside McDonalds which is cleverly placed next a Spar. If you were to walk down here on your own you would come out the other side with empty pockets and a broken nose…this is if u refuse to buy the little ***** 10 Richmond or Mayfair super kings. The normal attire is sported being Burberry and tracksuits. However there is a distinct shortage of Burberry and if anyone is seen with it then they can say goodbye. Spar has only been open a few months and now is closing down to to amazingly high levels of shop lifting, fights and vandalism inside the premises. What would you expect when the place is surrounded by a group of kids that can’t even afford real clothes as they walk around in their Smurberry one piece tracksuits.

Just up from the **** hole of a high street, there lay a few places where you would be likely to encounter a group of ***** ranging through all ages usually about 11 to 24 years old (starting young now days). First of all there is the scout hut at the bottom of a school. This is where the young kids and newbie’s to **** culture hang around as they know they will not get caught smoking their cheap drugs and drinking cans of Stella that they stole from their dads house when he was in the *******. They usually have about 3 cigarettes to go around 20 of them and see who can hold it in for the longest…good one

How grim is your Postcode?

the older ***** usually hang around at “The Tunnel” at the bottom of Orpington station. They did attempt to put cameras in here to stop this kind of thing but yes, you guessed it, they were destroyed before even being activated. They drive ****** Corsas that have cardboard body kits and tin foil for wheels around and around seeing how many pigeons they can hit in a minute. Then they reside on a cardboard box and smoke some kind of crack and talk to each other about their mother’s pregnancy with their child. If u are seen here you will be slated with numerous insults usually ending in the word “Blad” or “Clart”. At about midnight these commoners are chased away by rudies that usually go to the local colleges and walk around with an array of knives and other pointy things that they found in their local council flat.