Falmouth, the worst places have to be Old Hill and Acacia

Falmouth is an interesting town. Vibrant, with a lot going for it. Numerous beaches and yacht havens. Yes this may seem like an ideal place to be, but there are areas that blight this town’s image.

The worst places have to be Old Hill and Acacia. Two estates where the **** of the earth live and breath. Separated by one main road cutting right through the middle. Old Hill is basically a dumping ground, where most councils from outside Cornwall decide to release their unruly tennants, to rid them for good. These people then unfortunately breed.

If you decide to venture there, prepare yourself for the local youths to try and speak to you in their native tongue. It makes you wonder why the police station was built just a few hundred yards away! If you decide to relocate to Falmouth, just avoid this area and you’ll be fine.

Falmouth school have to put up with these people throughout the day.  You can tell from the day they start, they’ll grow up to be really skillful *****. Not to forget their *****. You may also see the odd ****** ragging it about the Longfield estate on a stolen ped. If you do, push them off. You’d be doing us all a favour!

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