Earl’s Court, London

Earls Court, London, Property Guide

Earl’s court. Before reading please remember that we are talking of something supposed to be in zone 1 (border of 1/2). This place is only meant to be a train hub and a road to the western part of the city. The exhibition centre brings a lot of unnecessary affluence to a place that is not capable of managing it. It is full of hobos (I don’t think they even qualify as *****) which is quite upsetting considering how much one has to pay to rent in this place.

One day I was sitting on a table on the outside of a pub near west brompton, in an area immediately east of the tube station. Then hobos (or ‘*****’, as we like to call them here) started to talk to my girlfriend one after another. Different nationalities and races were represented.

For example a drunk polish vomiting on the pavement in front of us, trying to sit next to my girlfriend to talk to her, or to take our drinks, I’m not too sure. A black guy in its 40’s walking a conjunctivitis infected dog. The dog was trying to see what was going on our table, with its red eyes full of agglutinated bloody flesh. I tried to make the owner notice that his dog needed treatment, but the guy was more interested in talking to my girlfriend, using his dog as ****** excuse. It took us to give the dog the bucket of water where our bottle of wine was to get rid of him.

How grim is your Postcode?

Pedestrians on the high street walk literally like zombies, totally ignoring you. Even if you walk in a straight, predictable line, people coming from the opposite direction will walk into you and even sometimes modify their own path to do so (I’m serious). They must believe they have some sort of priority, like ambulances. Another theory is that they are only capable of seeing what is a few feets ahead of them, as their vision blurs from starring too much at the television/phone.
That would also explain the look of people on the district line, with these soulless eyes.

If you go to a grocery shop in earl’s court, you will hear any language but english.

Earl’s court is a typical example of why the British whites are leaving central London. While it’s not particularly rough, it is devoid of any soul. A patchwork of people with only an apparent identity from their original countries, but actually without any real one. An expensive, dirty, pretentious and unfriendly place. Polluted as well because of the roads…