Donington, bit by bit it is slowly being ruined

Living in Donington

Donington used to be a beautiful, small village situated between Boston and Spalding, just off the A52.

The market place is always very busy, sometimes it is impossible to park to go to the shops. This says a lot about the centre of Donington. It has 2 fish shops, 2 Chinese takeaways, a Coop and a Costcutter, and a pub, all of which are always very busy.

The outside of the village has some beautiful views, unfortunately which are slowly being ruined by the number of developers coming into Donington. There is already a new housing estate being built, and there are plans for at least 5 more. Unfortunately this is aided by the dictatorship that is Donington Parish Council, who seem to be more motivated by money than the happiness of their current residents. Within a few years Donington will be ruined and turned into a town, just like Boston or Spalding. Then there is Donington in bloom, again, a dictatorship, obsessed with their own personal glory. Do so much as breathe on a flower and hell will break loose.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then there are the ‘gangs’. These so called gangs, of kids and teenagers terrorise the elderly residents. ******* around the market place at night, driving cars and motorbikes at high speed, intimidating the other residents. Driving motorbikes down the many public footpaths that dog walkers, runners and cyclists all use. Again, a blind eye is turned to it. They are the future of our village, and they are turning it into a hell-hole.

In conclusion, if you like a nice quiet village with beautiful views, don’t come to Donington, as bit by bit it is slowly being ruined.