Birkenhead, I lived on Beechwood for a while and it was just shocking

lol you only have to read the **** written by people who are trying to defend the place to see what it’s like. filthy uneducated ****. i lived on beechwood for a while and it was just shocking. the police don’t try to control it because it’s too much hard work to bother with places like that, so they go after people who have done **** all and are no threat to society because it makes their job easier.

beechwood, or the ford, is where the council moved all the problem families from the surrounding areas in the 80s, so the attitude is just get them out of the way and put them all together and ****** leave them to it. and as for the poor unfortunate souls who are actually decent people but can’t afford to leave or whatever, well **** them, because there are more privileged affluent people to be chased up for unpaid fines and other silly bullshit.

apparently, in today’s society, hurting people, ruining people’s lives, assaualting complete strangers for absolutely no reason at all and terrorising those people from your estate whose clothes you don’t approve of by repeatedly smashing their windows and making them prisoners in their own home (happened to the lad who moved in opposite me for having the nerve to wear baggy blue jeans and a denim jacket), well, these things are simply some of those mundane everyday occurences like the rain that we just have to accept and get the perpetrator(s) a slap on the wrist, if anything. but park in a disabled parking space for ten minutes or anything else ridiculous where nobody was hurt at all and where there was never any threat to a person or their property, well, then you will be punished. because as we all know this is how the authorities make extra money.

meanwhile, the ****** scally families do what they do best: breed and multiply and cause ****. if you are surrounded by ignorant uneducated f**kups all your life from day one then at least 8 or 9 times out of 10 you will end up an ignorant uneducated f**kup too. they then proceed to do whatever they want and never really suffer any consequences. the police are a bunch of goverment slaves who punish the wrong people.

so if you’re looking for a raw and edgy subject for your sociology dissertation, or you feel a bit low and need something to remind you why you bettered yourself, then visit the council estates of birkenhead. but be warned, when you see humanity at its worst it can make you not want to bring your own children into the world. leave before you see too much.

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