Willenhall: A charming little Paradise

Living in Willenhall
Living in Willenhall

You think you’ve seen the highest [or should that be lowest] class of **** in England?  Think again. You probably haven’t been to Willenhall, and personally I wouldn’t blame you.

Their town centre is little more than a village, yet on a busy day it’s worse than Walsall [link opens in this window] in the summer. Yes, worse than a **** town with **** people, coming to spend their benefits on **** clothing and jewellery.

Fortunately I’ve only ever been through Willenhall town centre once or twice and I never want to go there again as the sight of some of the “people” there physically sickens me. [The pregnant chain smoking women who refuse to wear tops that cover up their baby bumps? It’s cringeworthy.]

How grim is your Postcode?

When I refer to Willenhall I refer to the town itself, not the town centre. I refer to the council estates and the flats. Because in the general area of Willenhall, Ashmore Park lies. Ashmore Park? Yes, that’s the biggest council estate in the whole of Europe.

Sadly, I attend a school slap bang in the middle of Willenhall. And the students are the very epitome of filthy benefit stealing, tax wasting ****. Some of the names include horrors such as “Ronita” and “Jamie-Leah” although I am very thankful no Chardonnays or Samsungs have turned up yet. These children are the future of Great Britain? These thugs and alcoholics, these smokers and teenage mothers? I fear for the state of our country.

It’s a miracle when I can walk to my friend’s houses without having insults thrown at me. The current favourite is something like “**** off and die you dirty ******* greebo, go and suck your mum’s ****, you ******* lemon…” etc etc.

Or maybe it’s raining. Not such a miracle, these **** don’t like getting their hairsprayed to oblivion, straightened hair slightly damp. Plus their orange faces would run and possibly drip onto their boyfriend’s pure white tracksuits.

Some people I know can’t go one day without verbal or physical attacks on their person. One girl has had videos taken of her collapsing, had her house egged, had a firework thrown at her feet, insults and threats put through her letterbox. Frankly I’m surprised they can write.

In conclusion, don’t go to Willenhall. Not even if at gunpoint.

They should put signs up on the outskirts of the town. “Welcome to Willenhall: ******** of the West Midlands!”

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