Wigan, the locals take no pride in their health or appearance

Wigan is a small town and has beenn compared with Bolton and Leigh (but Leigh is bigger and better in almost every way). The council has wanted Wigan to become a city – that has to be a complete joke! Wigan has a huge alcohol problem which is pathological; that is all that young men and women talk about, and the women are often foul mouthed. The men age quicker than their fathers did, are probably not in work, and listen to racist and homophobic music. To Wiganers, there is no outside world; Wigan is everything to them. If they are not talking about fighting (pugilism is a rite of passage in Wigan) then they are talking about “Latics” or Wigan rugby team.

Their vocabulary is very base, as is their accent – even Wiganers do not like it! The town has a bit of a thing for the military as well. Workers never smile and have terrible manners. Many do not even look you in the eye, say thanks or goodbye. People who go about shopping look very unhappy, especially the mature adults. The pub is the spiritual home of all intoxication for Wiganers; even Christianity cannot compete with this god of pint and pie. The pint is almost the object of worship and like any food, the pie fills the spiritual void that the average Wiganer suffers for eternity.

The average Wiganer has typical facial characteristics and many Wiganers are overweight, especially the women. Young females seem to want to emulate Amy Winehouse and wear black leather jackets and leggings – a fashion faux pas! Health-wise, Wiganers take no pride in their health or appearance – the unkept beard is a symbol of decadence. Do Wiganers ever brush their teeth – that’s one of George Orwell to answer!

How grim is your Postcode?

Wiganers enjoy their sunbeds, not for its health benefits, to account for the lack of sunlight. Again, their penchant for alcoholic excess and pie excess is pathological. Wiganers are not well educated and have probably never read or heard of Nietzsche or any great thinker – again, the intellectual pursuit of a typical Wiganer ranges from the very necessities of life: food and drink. Knowledge and deep thought is as far removed from the Wiganer as the Earth is to the sun.

Wiganers take their place in the very lower orders of social status, rude, obnoxious, pugilistic, and uneducated would typify the average Wiganer. They are certainly a taciturn folk who do not understand that there is a world outside of Wigan, and that this world is very colourful. Anyone who does not fit the Wiganer type is treat with utmost suspicion, and if you happen to come in from Wigan outside (i.e., St Helens), you are automatically an apostate to the Wigan rugby team. Wiganers are intolerant people overall as is proved by the fact that Wigan has no gay scene and probably never will. Wigan is stuck in the past, its people are idiosyncratic and yet strangely belong to the Victorian past. Even the most basic tech device appears to them to be a new of kind of science.