Whitchurch – It's almost good compared to the rest of Bristol…

Whitchurch is a town in south Bristol, and it couldn’t be more ****** if it tried. Giant gold hoops earrings are like a currency there, used to buy L & B **** and a six pack of stella. You often find groups of ***** ******* around outside the local Asda, or nearby at the main pub of the town. And of course there are such characters as "Mad Larry" (an old bloke with a head injury) who hangs around by the tescos up the road, attempting to stop the traffic by himself. He’s got about 5,000 nectar points because the staff give them to him just to leave thier shop alone! Dear old Larry also attempted to mug a friend of mine a few weeks ago, jumping from behind a wall yelling "I’M MUGGING YOU!"
Other than the characters, gang warfare is a sport. No school sport match is contested without a couple of swings at the oppostion. Stab wounds are something unsurprising and a car has been driven through one of the schools. Even more fun, the tracksuit – clad groups of teenagers often clash, probably fighting over whether adidas or nike is better. Over there, Weed is an empire, not a drug. It thrives in junkies that hang around under "The Arches", and the BMX is the first form of transport. Whitchurch is indeed a ******** if I ever saw one.

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