Telford-Chavwatch update

Just to keep you up to date, the spar at Shawbirch was burnt down in an arson attack by the very ***** that used to shoplift from it every night. Which means of course that the Shawbirch ***** have now migrated to Wellington, as if wellington wasn’t bad enough already. I’m surprised you only gave it a fleeting mention. I used to live in Telford and returned there for a night out in wellington with some old friends. Jesus Christ, you can’t move for single mothers and teenage freaks who think they’re the ********. The streets are strewn with human waste, it’s bad enough in the day time when they all congregate outside the benefits office or fighting in poundland, then there’s the pissed up tramps at the top of town but atleast you can engage them in conversation as they were once normal people. At night however,wellington is ruled by *****, whole herds of the parasitic crettins roam the streets shouting unintelligable grunts, pissing and vomiting their way through an average saturday night, it reminds me of the film Resident Evil, when you look in their eyes they convey an air of mindless vacuity matched only by a gargantuan arrogance which invites you to take a swing at them. When you do administer the thrashing of the miserable wretches life though, you find that they have a collective swarm mentality and while the first few go down like a sack of **** they are reinforced by their brethren from further afield. Their isn’t even a means of escape from this ********, when you reach the bus station you generally find that it has been laid to waste by soap dodging morons fuelled by cheap cider, every step closer is met by the crunch and squelch of broken glass and vomit underfoot. when you approach the actual bus shelters you find that they have been commandeered by local children who find this an irresistable environment for sniffing glue and having ***. People of late are generally only attracted to wellington if they want to see a good bare knuckle fight or a stabbing. The rest of telford is in a similar state, drunken men fighting over fat ***** to the sound track of police sirens.attractive women are few and far between. however, pox ridden obese ******** proliferate. most of them sporting **** hoops, that particular style of earring which denotes the wearer as a gang bang **** mop. the size of the **** hoops worn usually correspond to the size of the owners diseased benefit scrounging orrifice. the only respite to be had was when local black guys started turning up dead or shot by the police, the whole of wellington and hadley was boarded up and the local black and asian population rioted for a few days, this had a very intimidating effect on the ***** and as a result during the riots you could walk the streets without fear of being accosted by leering wastrels looking for a fight. I have since moved to redditch, a single mother offered me a ******** if I would buy her a bag of chips. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, eh.

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