St Helens – A sordid little grief hole

St Helens is situated in between Liverpool and Manchester- closer to Liverpool.

It is impossible to leave your house without being threatened, punched or stabbed. The main trouble is glassings and beatings. As usual, you have to be terrified of groups of children. I myself got help up at knifepoint by 3 1/2 year olds. Theres the usual level of complete disrespect but as is the way in this country, you act like an evil ******** and the government throws privileges at you to get you to behave. Nice people don’t get anything.

St Helens has more bullshit beggars than any where I’ve ever been. You know the type “I need 50p for the bus”, “10p for a cup of tea”. Theres one guy who has tried to get me 6 times with the same story about how he’s just been let out of the cells cos his motorbikes a ringer but he didn’t know and he has no money to get back to his sick mum in Liverpool.

Another problem are the plastic scousers. They come from places like Preston and Huyton, they put on excruciatingly awful exaggerated scouse accents, get the bus to St Helens town centre and wonder round causing trouble. St Helens folk (nicknamed Woolybacks) are the targets of these people. I once heard 3 of them brag about the “20 Woolybacks we just decked”. Nice.

I’ve been witness to countless unprovoked punches in the face by raging idiots wondering the town centre at night. I know many people, sometimes girls who just walk down the road and from no where just get punched in the face. This has been going on since before phones with video facilities so it ain’t happy slapping.

It’s full of “we’re rugby fans so we’re hard” types. A friend of mine got punched full on in the face when she turned down the request of “Come over ere an shag me *****”. Her boyfriend and his mate went to try and help her but 10 lads started on them. One of them needed several stitches because they were glassed over the head and the other was left unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

I could go on. There are nice people in St Helens. Not all working class people are ‘**** ****’ as alot of middle class people seem to think. It’s just there are a Hell of a lot of not very nice people breeding to create even less nice people and getting away with everything.   

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