In little oswestry where I used to live (thank god I don’t live there now), you cannot walk through the town without passing a ner-do-well. i notice also with my ex-town that there is an excess of ***** yet hardly any ch4vettes i mean there about (and fat) but you never see them as they are either too young to come out or to laid out on the back seat of some older one’s car to be noticed.

The main car park is usually full of souped up cars lined up diagonally at the top end of the car park where all there ‘juliez’ walk passed. This is where they sit all night until it’s time for there factory work in chirk in the morning.

Most of min-***** skive off school and i always remember my last day of where we all got egged by the ***** in the park so most of us (rockers and punks) left and went to somewhere else and enjoyed the rest of the day. i think that’s about it. Also though, we have 52 pubs so we get all the chirkers and welsh ***** (not meant racially) coming down and beating up all the townies. It’s quite fun to watch if you can run fast. My brother was once the victim of such an act. and yet i cannot positively express my passion for calling them IDIOTS!

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