Newcastle, geordies mock Sunderland, it’s just as bad!

Living in or moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne

A lot of people say newcastle is “the best city” in Northern England, a city of “culture” and “nightlife” and most geordies like to mock the nearby city of sunderland as a **** filled ********. What they feel to relise is that Newcastle and the tyneside region is no different, if not worse.

In the city center, the **** concentration of Newcastle can be seen sitting on the steps of Eldon Square smoking away and basically just being a nuisance, or ******* around in groups in the grainger market dressed in their nonsense burbery, tracksuits, etc. If you venture outside of the city into the hideous areas of Benwell, Scottswood, Byker etc or the west end you can find them circled around some of the boarded up buildings drinking or sitting on some estate wall, or maybe shagging in bushes. The city has a fairly high crime rate, and murders and people being **** up in the town center is farly common, one foreign man came to the city for the first time and claimed “I had my ear bitten off, now I am never comin. Normally what lurks in newcastle though only comes out at night, so visit at day and get away before 6pm!

However I won’t just circle newcastle out as some “****” place in the northeast, as the areas around, Gateshead, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Sunderland, and all those filthy villages in Durham such as Wingate, Easington, and Horden all have very high teenage pregnancy rates and generally are 99.9% ****, in ways newcastle just somes up the northeast.

How grim is your Postcode?