Leighton Buzzard: without the boys in blue, ***** would be running the streets


I saw this town on the list and was amazed that nobody has actually posted on it. I have only ever been there a few times, although i often pass on the way to Milton Keynes. it is probably the most ****-******** hell hole i have ever seen.

One day, unfortunately I was not present, my friends had gone shopping when a lardy girl (dressed in bling and a tracksuit) decided for no particular reason to light one of my friend’s hair on fire. she must have been no older than 15. my friend put her hair out but when they stopped and sat on a bench the girl came up and punched my other friend square in the face with no warning.

This is when the true chavness of leighton buzzard becomes apparent, they called the police, the woman who arrived simply suggested that they should have had a fight with her to ‘sort it out’. Thank god for the Police! Without them, it seems ***** would be running the streets…

How grim is your Postcode?