Is Bottesford, Lincolnshire a nice place to live?

Is Bottesford a nice place to live or is Bottesford rough? Forget local estate agents sales speil and local councillors who say that Bottesford is on the up an up, it's time for a bit of reality. Cold hard statistics culled from the Police, the Indices of Deprivation and the latest census. Is Bottesford truly a nice place to live, or are Broughton, Kirton in Lindsey and Scunthorpe a lot better? Time to find out.

What are the crime levels like in Bottesford?

Using the latest Police street crime figures (typically from 3 months ago) we have compiled a table of the most voilent Policing areas in and around Bottesford. Naturally the more urban and more central areas will have a higher rate of crime, but often you can be surprised when that is not the case and that is the area you want to move to.
Policing Area Voilent Crimes
Frodingham 149
Brumby 133
Ashby 102
Crosby 59
Bottesford 35
Broughton 4
Eau 3
Manton 1
Manton Warren 0
Greetwell 0

The English Indices of Deprivation also has crime statistics for Bottesford. These statistics are published by the government every 2-3 years. They are a measure of how likely you are to be a victim of personal or material crime in an area, such as muggings or burglary. We've taken the rank average for wards in and around Bottesford and compared them. The table below shows ten wards in this area, from the best to the worst.

You least likely to be a victim of crime in the Scotter and Blyton ward.

Ward Average rank in England
Scotter and Blyton (Best) 27985/32845
Ridge 21857/32845
Bottesford 20945/32845
Ashby 11029/32845
Burringham and Gunness 10737/32845
Crosby and Park 8885/32845
Frodingham 8763/32845
Kingsway with Lincoln Gardens 8614/32845
Town 6417/32845
Brumby (Worst) 2490/32845
Reader Opinion:

Grimsby: the name says it all, GRIM-sby, it's an utter dump

Your Health in Bottesford

If you are thinking of moving to Bottesford, you want to know if the place is likely to put you on a downward spiral of ill health. We've taken the healh question from the latest census to find out and how Bottesford compares to its neighbouring local authorities. People were asked to rate their current health from very bad to very good;

Town Very Bad Bad
Kingston upon Hull, City of 1.61% 5.48%
North Lincolnshire (Bottesford) 1.24% 4.53%
Bassetlaw 1.5% 5.24%
West Lindsey 1.11% 4.25%

The English Indices of Deprivation also has health statistics for Bottesford. They measures the risk of premature death and the impairment of quality of life through poor physical or mental health, lovely! We've collated an average rank for all the Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA) in each ward in and around Bottesford. The table below shows ten wards in this area, from the best to the worst;

Ward Average rank in England
Bottesford (Best) 18301/32845
Scotter and Blyton 18114/32845
Ridge 17167/32845
Burringham and Gunness 12372/32845
Kingsway with Lincoln Gardens 12184/32845
Ashby 8887/32845
Town 8849/32845
Frodingham 8420/32845
Crosby and Park 8207/32845
Brumby (Worst) 6530/32845
Reader Opinion:

Scunthorpe.... The name says it all!

Deprivation in Bottesford

Using the English Indices of Deprivation statistics, we've collated the average Index of Multiple Deprivation rank of all the LSOAs in the wards in and around Bottesford. In layman's terms, this is how rough the ward is based on mutiple measures of deprivation including; employment, income, health, crime, housing and outside space.

Ward Average rank in England
Bottesford (Best) 25833/32845
Scotter and Blyton 20704/32845
Ridge 20405/32845
Kingsway with Lincoln Gardens 15256/32845
Ashby 12639/32845
Burringham and Gunness 12219/32845
Crosby and Park 10496/32845
Town 9399/32845
Frodingham 7793/32845
Brumby (Worst) 5527/32845

Average rent in Bottesford

Every six months the Office for National statitics publishes a snapshot of rental costs. These statistics for Bottesford are dated September 2021. They are split into three figures, the lower quartile, mean and upper quartile. If you recieve housing benefit or the housing benefit section of Universal Credit, the lower quartile is at the top limit of what would be affordable. The mean is the average you'd expect to pay for a rental property and the upper quartile is the average rental cost of the most expensive 25% of properties in Bottesford.

Weekly Gross Pay and Hourly Pay in Bottesford

If you are thinking of moving to Bottesford, you'll want to know how much you can earn in a job in the town. The government publish regular statistics on gross weekly pay and pay per hour.

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