Finsbury Park

LondonNorth London

I live in north London now but hail from west yorkshire.It’s full of filthy chav scum round here. They walk around here acting like they f*****g rule the world carrying knives and guns thinking they are in a gang from south central LA. These little c***s are all pussy’s who need a gang with them in order for them to do anything. If it was upto me I would round the whole lot of them up and send them to the gallows. The streets really are full of human vermin round here and the cops or our pethetic goverment do f**k all about it. These yobs are allowed toi roam the streets mugging people and generally behaving like complete c***s. F**k these yobs it’s about time we re-claimed our streets from these dickheads since our goverment or police are not going to do anything about it. I am sure there are lots of people out there who have as much contempt for these cockroaches as me so please feel free to make coments on what I have to say. KILL THE CHAV SCUM LITTLE FUCKIN KEV!!!!!!

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