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I moved to Edmonton Canada in the year 2000, mainly to find a new life and escape the chav drug culture which had fallen upon my home and taken many of my friends in british columbia. When I got to Edmonton I found that there was way less chavs, but during the next few years witnessed such an increase that within two years downtown edmonton was infected by them, with even a few recently arrived yardies, to which most chavs are subordinate. The shootings have also started, a nightclub shooting occuring every six months now. You should see some of the zombies staggering the streets after clubbing it all night at these drug infested raves. Limping around with their “Echo” hoodies and doo rags’ (chav scull cap) Then this one kid got busted by the cops trying to rob someone with a knife right outside my appartment in broad daylight. There was a picture of him being arrested on the front page of the sun. His pants almost falling down while a smiling cop points a gun at him. I’m sure the cop was trying to hold in a laugh. I have now moved back to British Columbia and although I do not wish to reveil my exact location I can assure you that the Chavs are definatly shrinking in numbers. The new generation is rising and can see how pathetic this whole wanna be like eminem or fifty cent generation is. So have hope brittons although they may run the streets now, they will get old and eventually have to live with the embarrisment of what they really are.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

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Edmonton is caught between Enfield to the north and Tottenham to the south. Its trashier than enfield but was classier than Tottenham – note ‘was’. Edmonton is now full of eastern European chavs, Serbians who wear Burberry. Of course you’ve also got the fake-jamaican gangster-rejects with their bling-bling and their sovereign rings – chav culture crosses all race boundaries.

Our chavs like the mcdonalds on fore street, which is next to the job centre, where about 2 people speak English. Opposite the job centre is cash converters, where poorer chavs go to sell stuff (nicked). There is a “sauna” below silver street station, where the frustrated chavs go to spend a few quid.

Edmonton green used to have nice, small shops. Now its got stalls selling mobile phone covers and probably heroin. Huge gashead (young chav) problem in Edmonton green market. Banks are closing all over the shop, cos they aint making enough profit.

Then there’s Edmonton county school. chavettes and rudeboys in the making. I could mention names..but I won’t.
All Edmonton needs is an asda and we’re up there with the hatfields and the Brentwoods for little pockets of chavdom.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018