Living in Bury St Edmunds
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Bury St Edmunds, a lovely floral town in the heart of East Anglia. Whooooa! Lets stop right there shall we!

Over the years Bury St Edmunds has seemed to have spawned a large community of Chavs. Mainly from one of Bury’s lovely council estates complete with Satellite Dishes and clapped out Ford Focus SRI.

The chavs main areas to hang around are, firstly the traditional for any Chav town is outside McDonalds. They also hang out outside Sports Direct on that square thingy, giving abuse to anyone that walks past.

Market Days on Wednesday and Saturday you will see the chavs out in force snapping up shitty clothes on the market and buying counterfeit gold off the many cowboy stallholders in addition to seeing what Elizabeth Duke has brought out at Argos.

They will then retreat to the Abbey Gardens with a bottle of White Lightning and get drunk in the old abbey ruins.

Another quality hangout is outside the college, where numerous Chavs do mechanic or bricklaying courses, as they quit school at 15 and risk having their dole stopped if they don’t do a course or god forbid get a job!

Those that do have jobs are usually in the chicken factory or some office job paying minimum wage.

They can also be found in the cattle market car park, revving up their 12 year old Corsas . Failing that go down the local s**t hole club, Brazilias, on a Friday night and they will be out in force!

There’s one thing worse than a chav…. a chav with a Suffolk accent!


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