It is without a doubt the most scenic and historically important place I have ever lived. It is also has the most moronic, cowardly, unethical **** population I have ever had the displeasure to discover. Their behaviour is truly appalling and they get away with it. They wreck children’s play areas, terrorise shoppers and residents of Ludlow main town. Trawl through Ludlow at night looking for single victims. People who visit here would be amazed and truly disgusted to know what goes on in this town every single day and especially night. I have lived in some of the very worst places in Britain for violence and I have been shocked at the low and inhumane way these kids act towards other people. The think they are the new gangster culture and they are just a laughable bunch of silly children getting away with it because they are too young to be touched. If you visit Ludlow look out for them in the gutters, dark alleys, munchies pizza place, outside any supermarket or around the town. They travel in groups of anything from 6 to 36 and never fight alone or anyone who is their age. Catch one on their own and they plait their spindly legs and wish they had kept their previous nights pampers on.

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