Codnor the land of the living dead

Codnor is a little village or as they now like to call it a “Towwen” best known throughout the world for its pet shop. When giving directions to someone for any reason the reply will be “oh yea that’s where the pet shop is”.

Residents of Codnor naturally have a natural hate for the neighbouring village of Waingroves for no known reason!

If looking for a fight in Codnor the opportunities are endless, you could wait by the pizza shop or if you are feeling daring you could go hangout with the Hard Men in Tesco car park. You can then take your beef up with a local in the well lit backyard of the Massage Parlour, but care should be taken not to slip on the overspill of baby oil and used Condoms.

Elderly residents tend to shuffle their feet and walk extremely slow so should be avoided if in a hurry.

Younger residents tend to travel faster and prefer walking in the middle of the road rather than the pavement or “Corsey” as it’s known this is especially true if traveling along “ilcress” Hilcrest Drive to normal beings.

Fancy a game of Footie? Then the field next to the car park on Mill Lane is ideal but be warned it’s heaving with Dog excrement! But hey who cares.

All in all, Codnor is an absolute hole nowadays.

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