Caledonian Road, London

I have now moved away from London, and although i hate ***** and want to kick there heads in, i do miss watching their antics from my former flat.

Cally Road or Scally road as it is also called, is the location for a huge council estate, and the strategically placed Pentonville Prison! Many a young **** enjoys shouting over the prison wall to wind up the inmates, often in the early hours of the morning. Young ********* also go to say hello to the paedo boyfriends called Wayne.

There is a group of ***** who ride a miniture motorbike up and down the main road, weaving in and out of traffic, fingers crossed one day one of there joyrider mates will hit them. I once called the police because this group were making so much noise with there bike, The police rolled out a mounted officer, get in! Mess with that you Chavy ********!

How grim is your Postcode?

Upon walking to the tube stations, two ***** on a bike decided to launch an apple at me, probably stolen from one of the local grocers. There is also a Co-op nearby dispensing their regular hit of white lightening.

Due to redevelopments in Kings Cross, just down the road, many of the *********** now work in Scally Road, so young ***** get to see there mums more. Curb crawling ***** in there Novas and Vectras are now more prevalent than ever.

Islington Bar is a **** hotspot in the evening, playing ****** rap music to entice them from there council flats. I’ve seen people coking up on the bonnets of cars outside too, its a shame no one has OD’d yet.

To conclude, Scally Road is a **** hole, and i’m sure things can only get chavvier.

Death to *****!