The Little fishing town in Scotland where it is unsure if the strong pungent stench of fish is from the fish market or the little minging chaving females that stay there and for an extra £ 1 they will take out their false teeth to give head. The average age of new mothers at the maternaty hospital is 12.
The best feature of Buckie is the fecken road out of it and had it not been on the coast, away from main traffic, it would have been made priority for a by pass.
The name Buckie is actually is Gaelic for ” What the **** is that smell “. When you drive through Buckie, you just want to keep going untill you can eventually open your car window again and breath.
Every family in Buckie has a the saying ” keep it in the family “, which proves true that incest is so rife and common, it is the only place that a young Buckie **** can be her own mother. The only place where at weddings, there is only one side of the church full. Buckie should be re named to ” keep the **** away “

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