Aberdeen, is a good city except the couple of neds around!!!!

They hang about McDonalds 24/7 standing there with a fag hanging out their mouths eye up all the bits of stuff going past. It’s like, you’re gonna pull looking like that aren’t you!

They also hang out at this place where they play pool and slots and it doesnt just smell of fags it smells of neds.
They often walk about the beach at weekend night drunk and they think they’re “jest pure slammin”. ….YEAH????

And any neds at the school are often seen had the Burger Vans with theyre Berghaus Jackets and their rockports or nike traiiners. With grease pouring down there chin, like the grease on their hair.
Some of the teenage neds go to a Ice-Skating disco to hang out! this is c**v centeral, well it use to be but its died down. You see your Gold,Burberry and Your Fred Perry and Rockports everywhere and the occassional fag hanging out someones gob.

Apart from the minority of Neds in Aberdeen, It’s a Wonderful City! And worth a visit!

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