What happens to the older St Neots ner’do’wells?

I just wanted to give you my experience on what happens to the ***** from St Neots that are now middle aged. The males (now 40+) having led worthless lives doing mundane jobs, look forward to spending their Friday and Saturday nights in the town centre and spending the majority of their money on beer. The male ***** in St Neots can’t string a sentence together to impress any local woman with an ounce of intelligence, this does not change with age! They also like to wear 3/4 length shorts all year round, this is something they also never grow out of.

Having reached 40, these usually fat or unkept males that still wear the same old Ralph Lauren polo shirt they were wearing when they were 18, seem to have come to the realisation that they are too old and too stupid to pull the young loudmouth **** girls that now hang around the town centre(some of them their daughters) on a Friday and Saturday night and now groups of them go to work so they can spend a few months of the year in Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand – drinking beer and paying for young ***********, it is a logical transition i guess.

As for the **** women of 40+, they have never thought of living outside the town, most got knocked up at 16 but have continued to party as their parents looked after their kids at the weekends, so they could go out get drunk and pregnant again! they now live in a council house, never married, have at least 3 **** children, while the **** father is now drinking and having *** with *********** in Thailand. What hope is there for the future generation?

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