St Peter Port, Guernsey

You wouldn’t think a holiday resort that is home to the biggest names in international finance could produce *****. Think again! Guernsey has the perfect mix of ingredients for breeding “Kevs” (and boy, can they breed!). We still have the 11-plus, so no time is wasted in reminding Kevs what dismal educational failures they are. Never mind, cleaning the crumbs from rich bankers’ tables has generated a thriving economy where you can leave school with no qualifications and STILL get a job. So what do you spend your money on? A car!! With no MOT the possibilities are endless. Brakes? Who needs ’em! So the Kevs head off to St Peter Port where they can drive around THE roundabout, go another 2 miles….errr…turn around…and go back! Then do it again! And again! Sometimes they even get up to 60mph! Yes, 60 mph!

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