Deprivation Statistics Comparison for Mickleover, Derby

English Indices of Deprivation statistical comparisons for Lower-Super Output Areas in Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire

We have used the 9 English index of deprivation statistics Lower-Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in Mickleover, to provide you with an at-a-glace overview of deprivation in this area of Derby. We have combined these statitics into an English ward level, as most people are familiar with this geospacial area in their town or city. Here are those 9 marked on a map:

Each area has its own decile score. This is where each LSOA in England is ranked according to the level of deprivation and split into 10 equal groups. A decile score of 1 means the area is in the top 10% of deprived areas, 2 is equal to the top 20% and so forth. To simply these scores and apply them to a ward, we have created the iLiveHere rating. This takes the average decile score of all the LSOAs in a ward and converts that into a rating out of 10, where 1 is the best and 10 is the worst. We have then used to traffic light colour system as an at-a-glance reference. As you scroll down this page, the more red ratings you see, the more deprived Mickleover is. Indices of Deprivation statistics and are broken down into domains of deprivation or more simply, categories. These category scores are combined using a percentage weighting to give a an LSOA its final indices of deprivation score, decile and rank:

  • Income Deprivation (22.5%)
  • Employment Deprivation (22.5%)
  • Education, Skills and Training Deprivation (13.5%)
  • Health Deprivation and Disability (13.5%)
  • Crime (9.3%)
  • Barriers to Housing and Services (9.3%)
  • Living Environment Deprivation (9.3%)
Below we have split the Living Environment Deprivation category into its sub-categories. We think having individual iLiveHere ratings for Inside Environment and Outside Environment provides a better insight to the housing quality and outside space in Mickleover. However, the Living Environment Deprivation decile is used for the overall ward iLiveHere rating.

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Overall Deprivation in Mickleover

iLivehere Rating 1/10
Taking into consideration all the English Indices of Deprivation (2019) domains, this is our overall iLiveHere rating for Mickleover. It is certainly something you should take into account if you are thinking of moving to this area of Derby.
LSOA Name IMD Score IMD Rank (England) IMD Decile
Derby 019D 12.969 21079/32,844 7
Derby 015C 11.006 23331/32,844 8
Derby 019E 6.426 28955/32,844 9
Derby 015D 6.015 29451/32,844 9
Derby 019C 5.958 29519/32,844 9
Derby 015A 4.891 30611/32,844 10
Derby 015B 4.655 30849/32,844 10
Derby 015E 4.219 31287/32,844 10
Derby 019B 3.795 31679/32,844 10

Income Deprivation in Mickleover

Very Good
iLivehere Rating 2/10
This iLiveHere rating is an indicator of what proportion of the population are experiencing deprivation relating to low income in Mickleover. The definition of low income the government uses to compile these statistics includes those who are out-of-work (for any reason, not just unemployment) and those that are in work but satisfy the IMD means tests. In the real world, this means they may qualify for means tested benefits such as Universal Credit or legacy benefits such as Working Tax Credits. You should not to assume that this rating is an indicator of overall poverty in this ward.
LSOA Name Income Score Income Rank (England) Income Decile
Derby 019D 0.114 14420/32,844 5
Derby 015C 0.074 20677/32,844 7
Derby 019E 0.044 27645/32,844 9
Derby 015D 0.04 28698/32,844 9
Derby 019C 0.037 29410/32,844 9
Derby 015E 0.034 30005/32,844 10
Derby 015B 0.032 30339/32,844 10
Derby 015A 0.031 30659/32,844 10
Derby 019B 0.03 30827/32,844 10

Employment Deprivation in Mickleover

Very Good
iLivehere Rating 2/10
This iLiveHere rating is an iundicator of the proportion of working-age residents in Mickleover who are excluded from the jobs market. These are people who are involuntarily deprived of work. The IMD domains include people who are unemployment, those who are sick or disabled, and carers. Since the government no longer publishes percentage figures for unemployment after the introduction of Universal Credit, his is now the only reliable indictor of joblessness in this ward. The higher the iLiveHere rating, the harder it could be to get work.
LSOA Name Employment Score Employment Rank (England) Employment Decile
Derby 019D 0.083 15646/32,844 5
Derby 015C 0.059 21657/32,844 7
Derby 015B 0.053 23856/32,844 8
Derby 019C 0.05 24804/32,844 8
Derby 019E 0.047 25735/32,844 8
Derby 019B 0.044 26601/32,844 9
Derby 015D 0.039 28091/32,844 9
Derby 015A 0.038 28566/32,844 9
Derby 015E 0.034 29598/32,844 10

Education, Skills and Training Deprivation in Mickleover

Very Good
iLivehere Rating 2/10
This iLiveHere rating ia an indicator of the lack of formal qualification and job-based skills in the Mickleover population. The average Education, Skill and Training rank for children (24529/32,844) in Mickleover is less than the adult average rank (26675/32,844). It could be argued that the more educated adults move into the area.
LSOA Name Education Score Education Rank (England) Education Decile
Derby 015C 10.23 21609/32,844 7
Derby 015D 8.277 23666/32,844 8
Derby 019E 7.959 23996/32,844 8
Derby 019C 7.236 24764/32,844 8
Derby 015A 5.011 27283/32,844 9
Derby 019D 4.09 28430/32,844 9
Derby 015E 3.792 28771/32,844 9
Derby 015B 3.222 29482/32,844 9
Derby 019B 3.055 29665/32,844 10

Health Deprivation and Disability in Mickleover

Above Average
iLivehere Rating 4/10
This iLiveHere rating is indictor of the risk of dying prematurely or having your quality of life impaired through poor physical or mental health in Mickleover. The IMD domain measures morbidity, disability and premature mortality. However, it does not take into consideration but personal behaviour or environmental factors that may be predictive of future health problems. See Outdoor Deprivation for depivation that includes environmental factors such as local pullution levels.
LSOA Name Health Score Health Rank (England) Health Decile
Derby 019D 0.407 10236/32,844 4
Derby 019E -0.05 16786/32,844 6
Derby 015A -0.147 18350/32,844 6
Derby 019C -0.174 18728/32,844 6
Derby 015B -0.187 18943/32,844 6
Derby 015C -0.21 19273/32,844 6
Derby 015D -0.261 20044/32,844 7
Derby 019B -0.475 23076/32,844 8
Derby 015E -0.729 26235/32,844 8

Crime Deprivation in Mickleover

iLivehere Rating 1/10
This iLiveHere rating is an indictor of how likely you are to be a victim of personal and material crime in Mickleover. In policing statistics, this is known as 'street level crime' and includes offences such as robbery, burglary and other personal violent crime.
LSOA Name Crime Score Crime Rank (England) Crime Decile
Derby 015C -0.102 18165/32,844 6
Derby 019C -0.895 28195/32,844 9
Derby 015B -0.933 28546/32,844 9
Derby 019D -0.969 28841/32,844 9
Derby 015D -1.12 29996/32,844 10
Derby 019E -1.153 30190/32,844 10
Derby 019B -1.161 30233/32,844 10
Derby 015A -1.359 31265/32,844 10
Derby 015E -1.643 32174/32,844 10

There were 293 street level crime incidents in the Policing neighbourhood that covers Mickleover in December 2023

Barriers to Housing and Services in Mickleover

iLivehere Rating 3/10
This iLiveHere rating measures the financial accessibility and physical accessibility to housing and local services in Mickleover. I bad rating in an urban area indicates how unaffordable the housing could be. A bad rating in a rural area is an indicator of the absense of local services.
LSOA Name Barriers Score Barriers Rank (England) Barriers Decile
Derby 015E 23.325 12856/32,844 4
Derby 015C 22.657 13571/32,844 5
Derby 015A 16.995 20436/32,844 7
Derby 019E 14.221 23965/32,844 8
Derby 019B 13.462 24866/32,844 8
Derby 019D 12.282 26242/32,844 8
Derby 015D 11.359 27264/32,844 9
Derby 015B 7.299 30799/32,844 10
Derby 019C 5.216 31938/32,844 10

Inside Environment Deprivation in Mickleover

iLivehere Rating 3/10
This iLivehHere rating is an indicator of the quality of housing in Mickleover. A bad rating in an equally income deprived ward, could be because of poorly maintained rented accomodation. A bad rating in a non income deprived area, could be because the small size of housing in relation to costs.
LSOA Name Inside Score Inside Rank (England) Inside Decile
Derby 015D 0.359 11080/32,844 4
Derby 019C 0.039 15834/32,844 5
Derby 015C -0.284 20890/32,844 7
Derby 019E -0.365 22073/32,844 7
Derby 015A -0.422 22838/32,844 7
Derby 019D -0.618 25393/32,844 8
Derby 015B -1.029 29267/32,844 9
Derby 015E -1.055 29443/32,844 9
Derby 019B -1.501 31528/32,844 10

Outside Environment Deprivation in Mickleover

iLivehere Rating 3/10
This iLiveHere rating is an indicator of what the outdoors environment is like in Mickleover. The IMD domains measure the air quality and the rate of road traffic accidents in each LSOA.
LSOA Name Outside Score Outside (England) Outside Decile
Derby 019B -0.173 18194/32,844 6
Derby 019C -0.453 22811/32,844 7
Derby 015B -0.537 23991/32,844 8
Derby 019D -0.616 25118/32,844 8
Derby 015D -0.62 25170/32,844 8
Derby 019E -0.695 26107/32,844 8
Derby 015C -0.697 26129/32,844 8
Derby 015E -0.723 26486/32,844 9
Derby 015A -0.803 27423/32,844 9

Disclaimer: Although every care has been taken to make sure there are no mistakes in the data presented on this page, you should verify these figures with the official data source.