You Think Birkenhead is bad??? haha have you been to liverpool

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Well after reading the article about “Birkenhead, Liverpools Throwback” i thought yer ok maybe its small and cramped but is that any reason to critisize?
For a start who wears burberry please? or addidas for that matter? Birkenhead is swarming with normal people.. actualy its swarming with liverpudlians raiding primark for their 50p underwear. And try to mock our accent? woss da? haha never heard of the saying however the saying LID is growing rapidly and were did it originate??? liverpool . like calling people the top of a can or bottle is normal?? aahhh yes you say you are the c***s capital of culture! do you know why? because you are were c***s breed. Also the need to dress in baggy trousers with your underwear sticking out is growing fast.
Now lets talk about walking through birkenhead park. you say u wud be raped. Haha walk through any park at nite and you will be raped. Just don’t walk through! I mean cum on thats just common sense.
For God Sake walk through toxteth and you will come out with bullets in your head.
Now the night life… absolutely amazing however you say birkenhead lacs cctv cameras, do yours cctv cameras work? … i think not, if they did there wudn’t be any shootings or murders in the town centre. When have you herd of shootings in birkenhead? once you may say and who was it?scousers coming over to create trouble.
Now onto your amazing capital of culture title? hmmm i think it should be called capitol of racism. its not like in birkenhead were anthony walker was axed thru the head for being black is it? No? i rest my case LID!

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