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What a s**t hole Yeovil is. on dicovering this website i was surprised nobody had added an entry on yeovil previously. I live just outside yeovil and it tends to be the only place that is very close to go out and get pissed. every where else locally isnt exactly local.  Yeovil used to have 3 clubs. The core which changed to lounge and then Dukes which is what it had been called before it was called The core. Dont ask me why they keep changin it. there was also Le Jardin which is closed, which is a shame cuz that was the biggest and best club out of the three and finally there is Chicago rock which is ok if you cannot pull anyone your own age and have to aim older, (and i mean older, like at least 40 plus) or your 40 plus single person that’s trying too hard to re-live their youth.  Dukes as it is now called is probably the worst club in the south of england if not the whole of the UK! However it is ok if you like fighting or your a C**v which everyone tends to be in dukes. usually they do both. any way come to Yeovil its great!

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