AvonSouth West

Shite hole, worthless land, chavs at the age of 39 still living with their mothers, chavs at the age 12 smoking with huge chains “bling bling” getting girlfriends (real tacky, equal chav species) chavs at the age of 16-18 say to their mates they can stay out late tonight, when their phone rings at 8pm (Blazin Squad ringtone ooo they’re hard) their mum answers saying his supper’s ready, he pretends its Chantelle is girlfriend or ex- beacause he isn’t sure whether her baby, Shaznay is his or not.

So, they hang around outside Tesco with Lite fags and shout at little kids threatening to get them with their gang called the abby-crew until someone stands up to them and they run away shitting themselves silly. Oh yes, this place is a nest full of chavs that needs to be dealt with… quickly.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019