Yate, Bristol (Hell Hole)

AvonSouth West

To be honest, its unbelievable that yate is not already on here. Yate is the f*****g dictionary definition of a c**v town, they’re taking over the town and there seem to be more and more every day.
Every type of c**v that exists is here in huge numbers, not to mention the armies of goths, skaterboys, griegos and other assorted dickheads.
They have no particular favourite place to hang around, instead they seem to have about ten. Let’s start with Tesco car park, where they spend most Friday/Saturday nights screaming around on their 50cc scooters or kitted up Novas wearing the standard issue burberry caps and jackets and the white trainers (oh yeah – the bling bling chains, shaved heads etc f*****g etc).
Then there’s Mcdonalds and the surrounding car park, and the manky steps by the leisure centre not far away.
Then there’s the shopping precinct by Abbotswood, where crowds of them appear out of nowhere most nights.
Lilliput and Kingsgate park are another two favourites, where they all have standard issue White Lightning and Lambert and Butler every single time they are there.
The younger, up and coming c***s seem to like the one stop shop by the Farmhouse pub – it must be where the recruits are trained.
Yate didn’t used to be that bad, but these people seem to now outnumber the normal people, so if you want to see what people mean by a C**v Town, I would recommend coming here. You won’t be disappointed.
PS – yate made it into a book called the 50 crappiest towns in the UK @ number 45 in case you wanted any hard evidence.

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