Wythenshawe,Manchester…the home to the rain and the original *****…

Greater ManchesterNorth West
Fancy taking your kids out..meeting other kids,or maybe other advertisements for the bakery Greggs.I had a very disturbing time when i worked in wythenshawe..the mainest attraction the fantastic cash generator which is home to all the stolen gear the “police” aka **** spotters cant be bothered to find homes for…Anyway lets get on to describe what else you’ll find in wythenshawe…a place you and your children will NEVER forget!!
As you enter from either entrance you’ll be greeted by a **** on each corner no matter which way you go..if you enter through The market…that has to be the only thing that gets the ***** up of there big fat leather couches bought by there benefits..etc..is the 40 year old markets..followed by the 40 year old geezer on the footwear stall.Enter that way and you’ll see the amazing flats who have the pleasure of looking over onto the rest of *****…enter from the bus station you’ll meet teams of fat single mothers with a cig in her hand talking frantically on her mobile..with a kid screaming with its wythenshawe dummy…the greggs sausage roll!
The Forum entrance which is supposed to provide the beginning and end for all ***** to learn and educate..in other words..once you go in..you never come out without escaping a ****.Teams of ***** group at B&M a trampy overrated stall which sells out of date food..
Civic centre..hmm one word to describe it..repetitive.Two pound shops.Two Chemists.Two discount clothing stores…Bwise and ethel austins.I remember when the ethel austins which must be a shop that a **** would love to kit there kid out in all the babywear..first re opened after a refit..***** didnt bother going in as it looked too exspensive for them..either that or the fact it was harder to nick from…Argos is around too which is well needed..i mean c’mon where else would our ream of ***** buy there chicco pushchars and gold bling from..but the most ridiculous thing in the whole centre has to be the amount of food shops,4..kwiksave full of ****** workers..with bleached yellow hair..and bling,co-op…farmfoods..and iceland.. i mean whats the point the only things these guys can afford is a 45 pence sausage roll for the whole family…If theres a place where these guys meet up..its deffitnley near the multi storey carpark where there black eyes say it all these guys arent to be messed with…
So welcome to wythenshawe..im sure you’ll find it an experience..and dont forget if your going home dont take the bus route 11…full of *****..me and my friend call it the **** bus simply because it goes the chaviest routes ive ever heard of..and also because theres always a young bucnh of ****** kids ******* off the back of it for there attempt not to be messed with…thats one thing you’ll notice that by the end of your trip to wythenshawe…your visit will end with a nice 2 finger campaign!!!

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