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Chav capital of Manchester. Don’t waste your money taking the kids to a theme park or zoo. The place you should take them is the Civic Centre, what a place to view the Chav and Chavette in all its glory. The Chav with his worn out trackies and trainers, has to save up a few quid from his giro for new ones. The Chavette with her cheap and nasty hollow 9ct gold earrings, not the one pair but a few. If they wore real gold they ears would be longer than a spaniels, but then they look classy. The Chav and Chavette are also fully soved up, with a ring on each finger, ideally sovs but any cheap tacky 9ct ring will do from Argos. The Chavettes favourite day is social day, where she can go and invest her hard earned money in some family heirlooms, anything cheap and nasty from the Elizabeth Duke range will do. The sprogs she has sporn usually have, if its a baby Chav a home bonehead haircut, and the usual trackies and trainers, and an ear pierced, as to emulate daddy Chav. The baby Chavette follows the typical female route to Chavettehood, cheap nasty earrings, and the ultimate piece of jewellery her name made of cheap nasty hollow gold slung around her neck. I think thats in case any future boyfriends forget their name while breeding a new generation. I do mean boyfriends, because the average Chavette breeds like a rat and would not be content with one man to father her babies, when several is the norm, but she loved them all.

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