I’d like to nominate Wythenshawe, in Manchester as the Chaviest town in the
country. Despite being born and raised there, I have never been “sucked
in”, so to speak.
After moving away from there for several years, I have now moved back onto
a private area. Wythenshawe is actually the biggest council estate in
Europe, and the ***** ooze out of every nook and cranny.
I’ve watched many stolen cars being burned out in the wood across the road
from where I first lived.
So far they’ve left me alone, I think they know that they make me
incredibly violent, just looking at them!
I did catch a couple of the little mingers snogging in my garden once,
luckily I had an English Mastiff at the time, and setting her on them soon
shifted them.
Anyway, you’re free to come and take a look around if you’re not sure, but
make sure it’s in a Securicor van!!!

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