Wye, Ashford C**v village

KentSouth East

For many people wye may seem like a the perfect place to live quite in the day it has a coop firestation primary school a docters surgery dentist butchers three pubs and is also the location of the famous wife of bath restaurant and a university campus. So a lovely place maybe but it has a dark secret under its peacfull appearence one of these things being the grotty counsil estate little chequers(called little chavvers by myself) which the counsil conveniently hid behind the school row of housing and the park. In this vile hole live all kinds of filth. These people come out of the estate virtually every night drinking swearing loudly and fighting in the street and throwing beer cans and rocks at houses. They uashally make there way up to the bus stop opposite the coop next to the graveyard were they stay in a group of around 10 to15 of varying different ages. They are uashally there opposite my current flat until 12 or 1 in the morning smoking cannabis and drinking. Also several of them park ther shitty cars there to. also peoples property is also going missing and vandalism happens atleast once a week. Also asides the local group of rowdy pikies car blast through wye at night at high speed. Also i forgot to mention there are peole on the estate selling drugs we no who you are so basically wye is a nice place in the day and a physical nightmare of drugs burglary drunkedness and ASB so DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: anoy

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