Wrexham probably has more Rockport boots per capita than any other place on Earth. If you are not a **** in this North Wales town, you are probably risking your life.

Almost the entire town seems to have been taken over by Burberry plaid ****, but council estates are still the worst places (as always). The worst one must be Caia Park, one of the largest council estates in the country, and ‘where everyone’s mum grew up in the sixties.’

The estate is ridden with *****, and ***** that are political. That means it is full of Nazis.
In the summer of 2003, petrolbomb-throwing, Sun-reading, BNP-supporting ***** went on a rampage, getting into numerous fights with the small number of Kurds on the estate on night. The following night, the police arrived on the estate in case there was further racism. There were race riots that made the Liverpool-resembling place look like Burnley.

How grim is your Postcode?

The other ‘ism’ is xenophobia against the English. ***** in Wrexham seem fond of presuming people are English if they can speak English, and not the odd dialect of noises and profanities they came up with, which can seemingly.

I am Welsh-born, partly English and partly Scottish which means that I have no regional accent, which means that I am the sort of person those living before about 1300 think of as partially foreign. They don’t like any English blood, and claim to be very Welsh-not Welsh, very Welsh. Yet, they can’t speak a word of Welsh as they probably gave their school Welsh teacher a nervous breakdown, and they fly the St. George’s Cross. A hypocrisy indeed

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