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An article on the Worthing area.

Worthing is traditionally seen as a land of old people and tourists, but in recent years has become increasingly ****-********. It is no longer the safe and quiet town of yore. Townies roam the streets, striking terror into the hearts of old people. As well as the *****, there are plenty of other slightly odd people roaming the town centre, because there are at least 2 care homes for young criminals (the public isnt really supposed to know about them but i know 2 people who work for one of them, and the other one has been in the local paper a couple of months ago cos the kids were costing the police millions of pounds worth of damage, wasted police time, etc.), a couple of special schools, and theres a lot of schizophrenics (including the famous “Mad Mary”) who have been released in “care in the community” schemes. By the way, if you want to avoid the care homes, theres one in Broadwater and one in Worthing town centre. One of the kids in the Broadwater one is a 15-year-old convicted paedophile who raped, among others, his baby sister.

Back to the townies/******/*****… Worthing town centre is one of the worst places for these types as it is where the McDonalds “restaurant” is. There’s Teville Gate, formerly a row of shops but now fallen into disrepair, full of muggings and a popular hangout for townies. There’s not many nightclubs in Worthing, but most of the ones that exist there are a bit **** and townie-filled.

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In the town centre there is Sion School, a private school which has a reputation as the best school in Worthing. It’s not bad but it is being increasingly ******** with rich ***** – their parents are rich and probably normal people, but their children have decided to become ****. Their parents send their kids to private school and the kids become even more rude to others because of the typical/stereotypical rude and snooty private school attitude. Not everyone at that school is a **** or snob, but quite a few are.

Worthing is not a good place for high schools. The comprehensives are bog-standard and the only academically good state school is Davison (or it may be Davidson… not sure how it’s spelt… maybe it is Davidson after all, as in Jim…), a bitchy and ****** all-girls school. A working-class but non-**** friend of mine who went there said that every year her class got a bit smaller cos girls were dropping out of school to have babies.

East Worthing and Lancing are grotty. Lancing has Boundstone, a comprehensive that no-one’s heard of, which is apparently one of the worst schools in the country and is so bad that loads of pupils there snort coke during breaktime and the teachers don’t do anything about it. The area is full of council estates and ****. I have to babysit for a family in the Lancing/Shoreham area who are ****, and they were one of the least **** families in Lancing, so you can imagine how ****** the rest were. Their kids lived on sweets and junk food, had every behavioural problem under the sun, the eldest was expelled from school for bad behaviour at the age of about 6 years old (he was so much trouble at school that the teachers couldnt deal with him and had to call the Social Services in), the youngest is thick as a brick, and the parents (particularly the mum) won’t take any blame or responsibility for this, blaming the schools and each other for their kids’ behaviour. They’ve since moved to Cornwall (poor Cornwall) but haven’t changed. Their mum still feeds the kids cheap, imported sweeties full of E-numbers, sugar, Tartrazine (now banned in many countries due to links with hyperactivity in children) and god knows what else. Despite being told these things, she still refuses to see how this could be unhealthy.

The Durrington area is home to the infamous Durrington High and Estates. There are kids as young as 10 living on these estates who have been given Asbos (Anti Social Behaviour Orders). The high school has a horrible reputation for violence and chavviness (as well as being **** academically). A special school is being moved and rebuilt on the Durrington site, which is a strange place to build it considering Durrington’s reputation. Teachers at Sion school always ***** about Durrington High and sometimes the other comprehensives too, saying that private school kids would never fit in at Durrington cos theyre “different” and they should be thankful that they go to Sion cos they “wouldn’t get out of Durrington alive” (they especially say this when someone complains about Sion, e.g. about how many rich ***** there are there), so it seems strange/stupid to build a school for kids who are “different” on the edge of Durrington High’s campus… a bit of a deathwish methinks. Either that or Sion is now so ****** that it’s trying to make itself look better by making Durrington look bad. Either way, anything north of the Durrington railway bridge that isn’t Worthing Sixth Form College or the local shops is generally dodgy and would be worth avoiding.

The beach has always been a great place to party, I’m told, but some friends of mine went there recently and saw a tramp sleeping on a park bench smelling of alcohol and with drugs (in pills and syringes) tumbling out of his pockets.

Lastly, Littlehampton is a few miles from Worthing and is a total pit. It was (deservedly) in the “**** Towns” list and the only person there to ever get famous was the paedophile and murderer Roy Whiting. Everyone in the area calls Littlehampton “LA”, because of the level of crime, the way the local ***** think they are “in the ‘hood”, and because Littlehampton is a long name (especially for monosyllablistic ***** to pronounce).

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